3D simulation for Water Management in India

BIBS project
The overall objective of the BIBS project („Exporting Vocational Training in Urban Water Management„) is to develop a sustainable German-Indian partnership assigned with the task to train employees working in the field of environmental technology. During the course of the project vocational training modules will be developed for training in Indian urban water management. Based on the results, training will be carried out along the lines of the German dual training system with the content modified to suit Indian conditions. The content and curricula will be developed by the consortium. A flexible approach to meet the needs of the trainers, their culture and the institutions in which they work will be applied. The entire approach will focus on the challenges of tailoring the training to the Indian context and developing relevant guidelines for use in India.

Creating diversified (multiple) learning arrangements of this kind, requires the project partners to be intensively responsive both to the training requirements as well as to the cultural characteristics of the target groups. This will include taking into account the specific business and work culture of the Indian cooperation partners, and staff of the local wastewater treatment plants. Additionally, there is the special challenge of training staff in their respective local languages and includes taking into account the possible lack of reading and writing skills which may be prevalent. Therefore, the project has also the goal of using innovative and pictorial learning environments to visually enrich the training with real, physical models and virtual models (e.g. 3D simulations in the ServLab, see videos below) in order to qualify the target group in terms of action-oriented teaching.

3D Simulation of Water Purification Plant

3D Simulation of Water Treatment Plant

Train the Trainer Workshop in Germany
These days, Indian trainers from AISSMS ITI in Pune, India take part in a Train the Trainer Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. The training takes place at the ServLab, located at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and the Treatment Plant for Education and Research (LFKW) of the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA), located at the University of Stuttgart in Büsnau. In the ServLab, the trainers will learn problem-solving capabilities on predefined scenarios on the virtual treatment and purification plants. Some more impressions are shown in the picture gallery below.

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